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About CBD Extracts

Pharmaceutical Grade Organic and Kosher!

Our farms are registered and approved farms from their respected states under the 2014 farm bill and registered with their state department of agriculture.
Our industrial hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) products are legal to buy, possess, consume, and sell in the United States as well as many other countries. Our primary focus is to research and develop innovative cannabis extracts and hemp based foods that can help to balance the human endocannabinoid system making them accessible throughout the United States. We believe that by targeting the human endocannabinoid system we can help people restore their internal balance. We are dedicated to providing the finest and purest quality cannabis products like CBD oil without compromising on quality.

Other Related Products

CBD Crystal Isolate

Pure 99.8% CBD(Cannabidiol), 0% THC. The purest CBD extract created. Extracted using Supercritical CO2 Solvent free and lab tested GMP quality.

CBD Gummies

Tasty Fruit Flavored Gummies infused with hemp CBD oil. Each bear contains 10mg. of CBD Hemp Oil extracted from American industrial hemp. Now, you can enjoy the health benefits of CBD oil in a different form. Made with top quality ingredients. This products does not contain THC.

CBD Capsules

Our CBD Capsules come in the form of vegan gel caps and are gluten-free and completely kosher. What’s more, they’re extremely easy to swallow due to their smooth and slippery texture and they are also odorless and tasteless.

CBD Vape

Tasty Fruit Flavored Vape Cartridges infused with hemp CBD oil. Each cart contains 500mg-1000mg of CBD Hemp Oil extracted from American industrial hemp. Now, you can enjoy the health benefits of CBD oil in a different form. Made with top quality ingredients. This products does not contain THC, VG, PG, or PEG.

CBD Tinctures

For those people wanting absolutely zero THC, we have the most potent and powerful formulations in the world. Our most popular are 1500mg and 2500mg. Our most requested medically is 3500mg.

CBD Pain Roll-On

Our Pain Roll-On is a topical analgesic with active ingredients of Camphor and Menthol that is clinically proven for arthritis, joint & muscle pain relief. Use at home, in the gym, or at work.

CBD is the second most prominent compound in cannabis. The cannabis plant contains more than 80 different cannabinoids, but most people have heard of a cannabinoid called THC, which is the ingredient in cannabis that gets users high. Unlike THC, CBD(cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and does not cause a high. CBD has antipsychotic effects which means CBD works completely the opposite way of THC. Numerous studies suggest that CBD also acts to reduce the intoxicating effects of THC.

When many people think “cannabis”, they think of marijuana plants. And while marijuana and hemp plants are part of the same species, Cannabis sativa L., hemp is the food and fiber part of the plant, while marijuana is cultivated to maximize tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the element that makes the user feel “high”. Both hemp and marijuana contain dozens of cannabinoids, naturally occurring chemical compounds, but it is cannabidiol (CBD), in particular that offers many health and therapeutic benefits – without the high. Hemp plants typically contain elevated levels of health-enhancing CBD, but by definition contain only trace levels of THC. This makes the hemp plant – gives hemp a lot of health potential, very attractive to those seeking an antioxidant-rich lifestyle, but not to recreational users. – without the side effects of marijuana.

Here are the Beneftis You can get from CBD :

Reduce THC intake and promote pain relief fast!

Patent 6,630,507, aka “Patent 507”, stated that cannabinoids, and in particular cannabidiol (CBD), could potentially stop cell death after a concussion, stroke, or other traumatic brain event. Dosage of CBD Extracts, range from 10 mg to 1,00 mg, taken 2-3 times daily in individual doses during meals.


Hemp oil extract has traditionally been used around the globe as medicine. There has been significant evidence that hemp oil can cure various ailments.


High pressure and low temperatures turn CO2 into a liquid, drawing out the CBD extract from the hemp plant. This method produces the purest, highest-quality oil, all while retaining all the beneficial components of hemp.


We test each batch of extracts to ensure consistency in the purity of our products. Our hemp oil is completely free of any volatile solvent residues and is the purest high-quality hemp oil you can find.

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